About Us

When you are driving a car or a motorcycle, it is important as a driver to know defensive driving. In Nevada, driver instruction is being taught and explained properly at Nevada Defensive Driving School. This is because not only your life will be put on risk, but also the life of your passengers and other people on the road. If you don’t know how to be a defensive driver or how to be safe in driving, Nevada Defensive Driving will refer you to a traffic safety school, where they will teach or deliver a curriculum that will focus on traffic safety and all the rules and regulations that Nevada roads apply. The Nevada Defensive Driving School instructs students in the defensive techniques that are able to them to ensure safe driving and being careful about doing what you are supposed to do in driving. They are enrolling in Nevada Defensive Driving Schools for a number of reasons: to reduce number of points on their driving records; when they commit a violation; and also to reduce their car insurance rate.